The Liga Deportiva Estudiantil de Instituciones Privadas – LIDEIP, is a sports organization where students from Private Schools in Querétaro participate. Its main objective is to contribute to the education of children and teens through sports. Its Mission is to develop a sense of responsibility, effort and discipline in each student by the practicing a sport.

The Sports that LIDEIP promote are: Track and Field Basketball Soccer Tae Kwon Do Volleyball

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The goals of the ASOMEX Athletic Program are:

To provide students from ASOMEX Schools with an opportunity to compete in well organized and professionally conducted events.

To provide these students with opportunities to grow in sportsmanship. To provide students with opportunities for development in personal maturity and to respect the customs, habits and rights of others; especially for those of different national, ethnic, political, economic and religious backgrounds.

To promote honest, courteous, enthusiastic, disciplined and well prepared athletes for participation in events. This type of participation is considered by the Association as a value fully as important as winning itself.

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