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Welcome to the first edition of [email protected]! We are beyond excited to present to you a variety of topics within our theme of Global Citizenship: Creating Change, Building Hope

Through this mind-blowing event, hosted on Thursday, May 27th, we will experience and discuss current and global situations and how we can contribute to them. We have the opportunity to learn from youth generations, who have Ideas Worth Spreading. Besides from the variety of talks, the audience will be able to engage a Live Q&A and talk with our speakers!

This event is free of cost and we ask you to please register as soon as possible as spaces are limited. Be ready to learn, share, embrace and take action. Learn about your position on the globe and how you can contribute to it. Do not miss this opportunity to transcend.

See you May 27th!

Sincerely, Mariana James and Julia Romero
Co-chairs of [email protected]
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Meet the Team

Meet the Team
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Creating Change, Building Hope.

Global citizens transcend

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We are beyond excited to make history by hosting the first ever [email protected] event! This year's theme is Global Citizenship: Creating Change, Building Hope.

See you May 27th!