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Annual Campaign 2017-2018


Annual Campaign 2018-2019 Rebuild the flag square

The annual campaign for 2018-2019 will be to rebuild the flag square. This place is located between the library and the administrative offices.


The idea is that based on the earnings from different events, donations from parents, family and sponsors, the renovation can be planned and the remodeling can start within the next few years.
That´s why it is very important to count on the support of the entire community to take part in the events planned during the year, which are:


• Thanksgiving November 23, 2018
• Christmas Market December 10 and 11, 2018
• The Kermesse March 23, 2019
• X-treme Challenge race June 2, 2019


It is very important that all of you participate. Furthermore, inviting your family and friends to the events, plus the contribution of sponsors and fundraising will allow us to carry out this project so we will have another place to relax and be together


Our goal this school year is one million pesos!



Gaby Platas:


Arturo Rodríguez:


442-218-0075 ext. 1003


TRANSFERENCIA BANCARIA (SPEI) Escuela John F. Kennedy, A.C. Banco H.S.B.C. Cuenta: 267773072-9 Clabe: 021680026777307299