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Access and Road Transit Logistics

We want to inform you that during the contingency due to the SARS-COV2 pandemic, we must modify our access controls, the use of credentials and the use of roads in our surroundings, so we are sending the following information, in order for everyone to be clear about what the rules will be to enter and leave campus.

iPass Instructions

JFK and other leading ASOMEX schools have partnered with CrisisGo, a leader in school safety communications. The Safety iPass health-screening App provides an extra safety filter before entering our campus. Find all the information here.

Health Protocols

We are sharing with you all the protocols and guidelines for the Campus reopening this school year 2021-2022

Receipts for Tuition Payments

The receipts for your monthly, semester or annual tuition payments and school accident insurance will be in your sesweb account statements as of this Friday 20, August 2021.

Scholarships 2021-2022

Dear parents,

Every year the SEP asks the school to offer 5% of our income in the form of scholarships to families that require support. At JFK the amount offered usually exceeds this 5% as we strive to help and provide support to families who are most needed.

There is a formal procedure that must be followed in order to receive a scholarship and those procedures are attached to this letter.
As a non-profit school, and especially in the difficult times we find ourselves in this year, we take our responsibility very seriously to ensure that scholarship funds are provided to those most in need of this support.

It is important to note that the "SEP Scholarships" are funded by the school and not by the SEP. The money offered in the scholarships is the money that all families pay for tuition. Although the school is delighted to provide this service, and even exceeds its obligations, it is important to remember that it is a substantial sum of money that is not available for other purposes at the school.

Therefore, we ask that each family carefully consider their application for a scholarship and analyze their true needs. As a community we must work together to ensure that our money can be distributed to those families who really need this support and help them in these difficult times... Read full story

Preschool Special Program

Classes will run from June 15th until July 2nd, respecting the previously indicated professional day on June 25th and the day of Administrative work on June 28th.
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