Admissions Process Online


Admission Process



Send the pre-evaluation documents

Send the pre-evaluation documents listed below to [email protected] Please send all scanned forms or documents in one PDF document under the student's name.


Take the admissions test online

You will receive further directions for this step.


Family interview online

Take the family interview online after the exam


The Admissions office will inform you about the results.

Our Admissions team will explain to you the process you must follow and you will be asked for the necessary documents for the enrollment if admitted.


Send the corresponding enrollment forms

Parents will be asked to sign the enrollment forms and send them by email.


Payment of school fees

Parents will be informed how to pay online.


Hand in the requested original documents.

Once the school year is about to begin, you will be asked to hand in specific original documents at the Admissions Office for the official enrollment file.


Get ready to start a new school year!



In June you will receive the list of books and school supplies you will need. The books can be ordered online and they arrive at the school directly.



You can buy the school uniform at the Jaguars Shop. If you want, you can order the school supplies as well, and pick them up right here.



You can go and get your picture taken for your school ID.


There will be a parents meeting in June for those families who have children starting Preschool.



At the beginning of the school year, there will be a Welcome Picnic for all the new families.


Pre-evaluation documents

*Please click below to download each form.

Admission Test- Payment Information

You are required to pay for the admission evaluation by depositing the amount of $700.00 pesos:

BANK: HSBC (Mexico) | ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2677730729 |
CLABE  021680026777307299 | NAME: Escuela John F. Kennedy A. C.