Admissions Process Online


Admission Process

Our admission process for the 24-25 school year is now open!

Contact us as of January 10 to submit your application. If you are looking for rolling admissions for the current school term, please send an email to [email protected] for further details.
We are pleased to announce a significant enhancement in our admissions procedures as part of our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement. The admissions department has successfully transitioned to an online application process, streamlining the submission of required documents through our dedicated digital platform.
This progressive initiative eliminates the need for physical paperwork, as applicants can now conveniently submit their digital documents directly through the online application system.
We are proud to embrace environmentally conscious practices, and this transition aligns with our school's commitment to sustainability. By adopting a paperless approach, we contribute to the reduction of environmental impact and proudly affirm our position as a green school. We appreciate your cooperation and participation in this effort, as we collectively work towards  creating a more eco-friendly and efficient admissions process.
Thank you for your continued support.
JFK Admissions Team