General Information


General Information



We appreciate your interest in our school. The John F. Kennedy School, the American School of Querétaro, emphasizes an American-type education, acquiring a second language and maintaining high academic standards for all students. We hope that as you learn more about us, your family will become interested in joining our educational community. The John F. Kennedy School has a rich and proud tradition over fifty years of service to the community; providing a high quality education to students from Preschool through twelfth grade.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us at any step of the admissions process.

We are here to help.

Office of Admissions
[email protected]


Admission to JFK is open to students who meet the following requirements:

  • Are the right minimum age for their grade level
  • Complete all steps of the admission process
  • Pass the English, Spanish and Mathematics exams in Elementary, Middle or High School
  • Complete a parent and student interview with the Student Support Services staff
  • Have a good academic record (a 80 average or above in Math, Spanish, Reading, and Writing)
  • Present a documented record of excellent conduct and attitude

Preschool candidates must also:

  • Be 3 years-old by December 31 of the academic year
  • Be toilet trained
  • Be able to separate from their parents for short periods of time
  • Be able to complete a personal evaluation of social, emotional, academic and physical abilities with good results

Elementary School / Middle School candidates must also:

  • Pre-First: Know the capital and lower case letters
  • Pre-First: Be prepared for reading and writing
  • Be able to follow instructions
  • Possess age appropriate oral communication skills
  • Demonstrate proficiency in both English and Spanish appropriate to their grade level

High School candidates must also:

  • Complete a psychometric evaluation.


1.- The process of reviewing admission documents is confidential and only authorized school personnel have access to these files.

2.- Examinations and their results are school property and are for internal use only.

3.- Some levels have a limited number of vacancies and the school will only admit those students who are best prepared and who are ideal candidates for our school.

4.- Our performance standards cannot be ignored. Even if vacancies exist, a student will not be admitted if they do not meet the basic requirements for admittance.

5.- If the student is admitted, the Admissions Office will communicate the steps to follow for the registration process and the payments that need to be made.

6.- The school has the right to deny admission to any student candidate.

7.- The School does not have the necessary resources to admit students with certain special needs.

8.- All students entering Grades K1 through to 10th will automatically be part of the IB Program, PYP or MYP according to the grade level to which they are accepted. Acceptance into PYP or MYP is automatic for all JFK students and opting out is not an option for students or families.

9.- All students entering 11th grade regular (non-SWAS) program will automatically be IB Diploma candidates. There is no additional charge nor admission criteria to participate in this program. In exceptional circumstances families may opt their student out of the IB Diploma Program.

10.- All students entering 12th grade can only be accepted into the IB Diploma Program after very careful and individual consideration, including the confirmation of successfully completing the first year in equivalent subjects in an IB diploma from another school. Please ask for details.

11.- Our Office of Admissions and Student Records is here to help. Be sure to ask them for any needed clarification about this process. It is a pleasure to assist you.

The John F. Kennedy School has a rich and proud tradition over fifty years of service to the community; providing a high quality education to students from Preschool through twelfth grade.