News & Announcements

Safe Return to Campus, no damages reported.

We would like to share with you that as part of our security protocols, a review of the facilities has been carried out by an expert Civil Engineer and he has determined that there is no structural damage to the campus, so we can safely resume our activities tomorrow.

IMPORTANT: sept 19, pick up schedule

We ask that you can pick up your children from now on due to the earthquake presented today at 1:05 p.m. No visible damage to the facilities is reported, but we are taking appropriate security measures for possible aftershocks. For this reason all afternoon activities are suspended today.

Extended Learning Activities Registration

The After School Activities registration from Preschool to High School will take place on line through our web page from September 7th to 12th. Classes Start in September 12th, 2022

Lost & Found

Lost items from all sections can be picked up at the Elementary Tent (Pinos entrance) from 8am to 10am. The belongings will be only available on the established dates and times.

Campus Access, August 31st

Attached is a map that shows the entrances and exits to the campus and who should be using them. The rules as shown will be fully in place as of Wednesday August 31st as the first two days of the week are exclusively pedestrian access.

Facemasks Usage

As a follow-up to the message that was sent out yesterday regarding the use of facemasks on campus, we would like to emphasize that facemasks are required to enter the campus, to exit the campus, in any enclosed indoor spaces like classrooms and at any outdoor spaces that social distancing is not able to be followed.
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