Admissions FAQ


Admissions FAQ

Welcome to John F Kennedy, The American School of Querétaro

In this section of our site, we will address some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we hear from new families. If you still have unanswered questions after reviewing our website and our FAQs, please feel free to contact us at the admissions office for more information at [email protected] or please click on the whatsapp icon (bottom right of this website) and let us know if you need additional support.

Admission Process

What documents should I submit?
To complete the file please attach:
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Payment for admission test (Transfer slip)
  • 2 Reference Letters written by JFK Families or current employer
  • Vaccination card (cover and vaccination stamps) K1-ES1 candidates only
  • Copy of passport (only foreign students)
  • Last internal report card from current school (Average above 80 in Mathematics, Spanish, Reading and Writing)
  • Standardized test results (if available: TOEFL, SAT, Cambridge)
  • Student Profile Report (to be filled out by a teacher and signed to be valid)
What should the letter of recommendation say?
It is a free text letter which states that the recommender knows you as a reliable, honest and hardworking family. It must be signed by the person who is recommending you and state the active family’s last name and the current grade of the active students in order for this letter to be valid.
If I don't know any current members of the school, what letters of recommendation do I submit?
Please submit two different letters from your current employer: one from the HR department specifying the time you have been working there, your new position and your relocation to Queretaro. This letter must be delivered in letterhead paper, signed and stamped by the HR director. The second letter must be written by your current direct boss and stating your human qualities: reliable, respectful, honest and hardworking. This letter must also be signed to be valid. If you are the owner of the company, then you must submit recommendation letters from your accountant saying you are financially stable and another letter from a partner or supplier.
Can you evaluate my child if I am missing one or some documents?
No, complete paperwork is required in order to be assigned an evaluation date.
How do I get an evaluation date secured?
Once all documents have been properly submitted to our admission office and the evaluation payment has been made, an evaluation date will be assigned based on the next available day.
Can you give me a study guide for the admission evaluation?
No, we do not offer study guides since our aim is to evaluate all candidates under the same academic conditions, without any advantage. Our evaluation consists of three sections: general use of English, general use of Spanish, and mathematics (in English). Please note that the level of complexity of all evaluations depends on the school grade the candidate is applying to. We do not test on History, Biology and other subjects. Preschool candidates will also be evaluated through a family interview.
How long must I wait to get the evaluation results if my child has already been evaluated?
After a student has been evaluated, results will be delivered within two weeks. You will get an email from us or a phone call.
What is a waiting pool?
Sometimes we do not have open spots for all candidates, so provided this is the case, the student with a positive evaluation result will be placed on a waiting pool based on the results. As soon as an active student notifies their withdrawal, the place will be assigned to a student in the waiting pool. The family will have 10 working days to make the payment to secure a spot in our school, otherwise the seat will be assigned to the next candidate in the pool.

General Information

Do you offer additional languages in your program?
The school’s academic program only offers English and Spanish as instruction languages, thus, you may choose to learn a third language through the Extended Learning Center. To open a language group, it must have a minimum of 8 enrolled.
Back to school Meetings / New families´ orientation.
These are held the first weeks of school. On this day, new students learn about their day-to-day schedules, classes, teachers, lockers, etc. They get to know other new students, as well as a few of our veteran students. They meet their principal, assistant principal and counselor, and they are taken on a tour around campus. We send invitations and schedules for these meetings during the first week of school.
Do you offer international exchange programs?
Despite not actively promoting these exchange programs and not having any agreements with other schools abroad, the school has the flexibility for students to experience an international year abroad. Families may ask for a year of absence leave and return to our school. Upon return, families must revalidate studies with our Educational Authorities.
How many students are there in each class?
Preschool groups are reduced to offer closer and more personalized attention: K1 has 16 students per class, K2 has 21 students per class while K3 has 25 children per class. Please note that each class has one teacher and one support staff member. From Elementary to High school each group has 25 students, and each school grade has 4 groups, meaning that we have 100 students per grade.
What is the daily schedule?
Preschool students attend from 8.00 am to 1.00 pm Elementary and Middle School students come from 8.00 am to 2.30 pm High School students have a schedule from 7.25 am to 2.25 pm
What is the importance of the IB program? We believe the International Baccalaureate (IB) is the best way to educate children for a modern world. IB is divided into three programs: the Primary Years Program (PYP) in kindergarten and elementary, the Middle Years Program (MYP) from grades 6-10, and the Diploma Program (DP) for grades 11-12. These aim to empower students to make sense of the complexities of the world around them and equip them with the skills and dispositions (IB Learner Profile) needed for taking responsible action to make the world a more peaceful and prosperous place. There are very few schools in the world that offer the continuum of IB Programs. In Mexico only 20 schools offer it. The IB Education helps us to challenge our students to excel in their studies and in their personal lives; to inspire a quest for learning throughout life that is marked by enthusiasm and empathy; to develop well rounded students with character: students who can respond to challenges with optimism and an open-mind; students confident in their own identities; students who make ethical decisions; students who join with others in celebrating our common humanity. IB Programs help us enable members of our community to lead, serve and create beauty and achieve the extraordinary in them. You can learn more about the IB continuum at
What additional activities with curricular value do you offer?
Students can get involved in Model United Nations, Student Council, theater and any number of electives or clubs from EcoClub to Podcasts, from Marine Biology to Digital Photography, from Rock Band to Nutrition and Wellness. Student choice is at the heart of what we provide.
Do you have a swimming pool on campus?
Do you have an after school sports program?
Yes. Sports are an essential part of the academic education of our students in order to develop the physical-athletic and sport abilities to their highest potential, promote a healthy lifestyle and support the well-rounded training of the students. As part of the sports activities we have several representative teams: soccer, basketball, volleyball, track and field, etc. It is mandatory for all students from ES4 to HS10 to be enrolled in a sport. All the information of these activities can be found on the After school Sports Program tier of our website.


I cannot find the tuition fees published on your website, how can I get them?
Please contact us at the admissions office for this information at [email protected] to get enrollment fees and tuition costs.
Can I pay for the evaluation exam with an international transfer? Do you have a SWIFT code?
No, the school does not accept international wire transfers. Some people have reported to have used the or platforms to make this payment while abroad, otherwise, you may ask an acquaintance to help you with this payment within Mexico. Note: these platforms are managed externally, so the school does not hold any accountability for inconveniences with these and is not responsible for mismanagement.
I already have a private insurance policy; do I need to pay for the school’s insurance?
Yes, it is an insurance policy that covers accidents within school premises and all students must be insured, regardless of other insurance policies you may have hired privately. It is a one-time payment to be done in the first month of August.
How many tuition fees are there?
10 monthly payments from August thru May.
What is the new entry fee?
The John F. Kennedy School, The American School of Querétaro, is a private, non-sectarian, non-profit institution. Since we are a civil association and we do not have one owner, this fee helps preserve our school’s legacy and functions as a fund to afford future renovations and maintenance of our facilities. This is a one-time fee to be paid the very first year you enroll in our school. Following years this fee will not be paid again. Please note that this is an individual fee, not a family fee, so each candidate must cover this fee. 
Why are there 2 amounts in the new entry fee?
The first amount corresponds to new candidates not related to our school. All siblings and candidates linked to our school (alumni or returning students after two years) will cover the second amount with a discount.
Are there any discounts for siblings?
We offer a family discount on monthly tuition fees for families with more than 3 children. The third sibling is granted a 5% discount, the fourth child has a 10% discount, and so on. There are no discounts on new admission fees, yearly enrollment fees of SWAS fees.
Do you offer payment facilities?
When enrolling in our school for the first time, families are allowed to pay the new enrollment fee in three payments. This arrangement must be made directly with the cashier area once you are admitted. All other fees must be paid in full in order to secure the student’s place in our school.
Do you offer scholarships?
The school does not offer scholarships, neither for sports nor for academic achievement. The only scholarship offered from Preschool to Middle school is the one granted by the Secretaría de Educación Pública SEP (Mexican Ministry of Education) after the second year in our school. This scholarship must be requested through them. There is a general call in the month of April that is published on our website. There are no scholarships for High School. 
Is there a uniform at JFK? What is the cost?
Yes, students from Preschool to Middle school must wear a uniform on Mondays for flag ceremony and the days assigned for sports classes, usually twice a week. Any other day, students can wear casual clothes. High school students do not need to wear a uniform. These are purchased at our Jaguar Shop from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm Monday thru Fridays. The cost varies depending on the size and number of sets purchased. An estimate for each set is an average of $1,600 MXN pesos. 
What is the cost of book lists?
Book lists are purchased through Dilbook, our third-party provider. The price range will depend on the school grade the candidate applies for. Once the student has been admitted, we notify them and they will contact you with the corresponding information. If you do not receive the email, you can contact them directly. Check the spam tray; many parents have reported that book list emails were automatically redirected to that folder.
For any questions you can communicate to the following numbers and emails:
What is the cost of the supply lists?
The supply lists for each school year are published on the website in each of the academic sections. These materials can be purchased at the stationery store of your choice and if you already have some of this at home, you can take advantage of it and use it. Our supplier of school supplies is Mrs. Lupita from the Jaguar Shop, here is her number so you can contact her 442 159 8552. It usually ranges from $1,000 MXN to $3,500 pesos depending on the school grade (preschool supplies are more expensive since they use a lot of materials in class).
Does my child need to bring their own device to school?
All Middle School students must bring a Chromebook, and High School students may bring the device of their choice for learning purposes. Chromebooks may be purchased at our school in the technology department. New families will be contacted with all details for this device, or you may contact the technology office at [email protected] 
What is the PA and what does it do?
The PA is the Parent's Association, it is very involved with the school, working in conjunction with the administrators, teachers, students, and parents. Throughout the year various projects are organized with the help of the Parents Association: Halloween celebration, Christmas pictures. Children’s day event, etc.

International Applicants

What is SWAS?
SWAS stands for School Within A School, which is an intensive immersion language program that aims to achieve language abilities in order to be mainstreamed into regular classrooms as soon as possible. Generally speaking, international students from Elementary through High School, with little to no proficiency in English, Spanish, or both, may be able to enter our School-Within-a-School Program (SWAS) and continue with their studies while learning here in Mexico. Each section of the school has professional staff with a full-time dedication to meeting the special needs of students who are struggling with academic, social, emotional or physical issues.
If my child does not speak Spanish or English, can he enroll?
Yes, as long as they are international students who have never been enrolled in the Mexican educational system and successfully pass the mathematics evaluation. When international candidates are not proficient in either language, they may be eligible for admission to a program designed by the school especially for such students. This program is a "School-Within-a-School (SWAS)" where students are taught language skills through content.
Does this program have an additional fee?
Yes. There is a special fee, over and above regular school fees, to cover the costs of the program.
For how long will my child remain in SWAS?
Requirements for knowledge of Spanish and English increase with the year of the student’s academic program. The older they are the more Spanish and English is necessary to succeed in the regular school program. The language objectives for students in SWAS are met depending on personal progress, motivation, and the ability to adapt to a new school.
Are they still learning curricular content of subjects?
Yes, the program has students working with specially trained teachers whose areas of expertise include applied linguistics, as well as content teaching. Students attend regular classes with their groups where language is not the only element for success (like Physical Education, Computer classes, Art, etc.)
What is the international student ratio in your school?
76.7 % of JFK students are Mexican nationals 7.7 % are US citizens 15.5% belong to 25 different nationalities including Canada, Korea, Spain, Germany, Italy. France, Ecuador, Japan, England, Chile and India.
Is there a cultural adaptation period for new international families?
Yes, to avoid cultural shock students are slowly introduced to our school and our country. We know that coming to a new country is not easy and that encountering new people, new food, a new city, and a new language, can prove to be very challenging. In SWAS, we want to be able to provide you with a support system that can help you through these challenging times.
Picnic for new parents.
All new families are invited to attend this Welcome Picnic hosted by our General Director. Usually held in September, the Picnic for new parents gives parents a chance to meet the school leadership team, as it is also a chance for families to meet other new families and create community.


Does the school offer bus transportation services?
Yes, we do. We prioritize your child's well-being by providing a secure, supervised transportation service. Our professionally trained drivers and staff ensure a safe ride from any of our convenient meeting locations near your home to the school gates. We offer different routes and schedules. Please contact [email protected] to join. .
Do you offer after school activities?
Yes, a diversity of school sponsored student activities which are considered an extension of the academic program. They include such things as musical and dance performing groups, Drama, Ballet, Robotics, Parkour, Yoga, Tae Kwon Do, Hip Hop, etc. The goals of our extra-curricular programs are to provide opportunities for students to pursue interests and develop life skills beyond the classroom. They also help to build self-discipline and high standards of personal conduct and to provide opportunities to experience the satisfaction that comes from participating with others in activities. These activities give students opportunities for healthy and positive development within a safe and fun environment. Please refer to the Extended Learning Services site for more information.
Do these after school activities have an additional cost?
Yes, the cost varies depending on the selected program, but these range from $900 to $1,100 MXN pesos per month depending on the activity.
What food services are available at JFK? Is there a Cafeteria?
Preschool students must bring their own healthy snack from home each day. Elementary, Middle and High school students may bring food from home or purchase food during their recesses from one of our two cafeterias. Food services are supervised by the Parents' Association.