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Alumni Stories

Marimar Bravo. Class of 2007

After JFK, I studied a semester of Biotechnology and Economics at the University of Waterloo in Ontario and then went on to complete my BSc in Biotechnology Engineering at the Tec of Monterrey Campus Querétaro. I chose this degree because it focused on two of my favorite subjects: mathematics and science; and I specialised in Molecular Biology. After that, I completed my Master’s Degree in Biotechnology and Enterprise at the University of Manchester. I was interested in learning how to commercialize science to be able to take a product from the bench to the market. During my Master’s, my research project involved the genetic engineering of microalgae to evaluate the possibility of creating edible vaccines to use in aquaculture. I really enjoyed my work in the lab, so I decided to continue doing research and I went on to do a PhD at the University of Oxford. My research project was very multidisciplinary, and included work in fields such as nanotechnology, chemical engineering, plant sciences and microbiology. During my time at JFK, I always enjoyed all the science classes. I also remember how much I liked the trip to Nayarit, where we collected and analyzed plankton and studied the diversity of flora and fauna. When you think of it, it has a lot to do with what I do now.
I consider that JFK’s stronger subjects are math and science, and english of course. The three of them helped my future studies. Today, I have just finished my doctoral studies and will be working on the application of microalgae in different industries such as agriculture, cosmetics, nutrition and biofuels.


Federico Alatriste Harrsch. Class of 2003

I studied Psychology at the UVM in Querétaro after graduating from JFK. On my last semester, I started working with athletes, loved it and looked for a Masters in Sports Psychology. I ended up studying in Sevilla where I did this Masters and another one in Clinical Practice as well. While living in Sevilla, I worked for the Real Betis balompié, Sevilla's soccer team. After a year of working there, I came back to Mexico to work with Santos Laguna, sadly after a year of working there, I came back to Querétaro. That's when I decided to give back to the community that made me what I am today and worked almost for 3 years at JFK as the Sports Psychologist. After that amazing experience at JFK, I was presented with the opportunity to go back to the soccer world by working with Gallos Blancos F.C. I worked there for almost 3 years. Last year I decided to start my own practice and at the same time started teaching at the Sistema Nacional de Capacitación of the Federación Mexicana de Futbol, where I teach Sports Psychology to the soon to be Coaches. To learn to think outside the box is the most important skill I learned from JFK back in the day, therefore, is the one thing I always try to teach those around me. "There is no greatness in keeping your ideas to yourself, don't be afraid to share them and defend them, 'cause I'm coming for you if you do share them" Roger always used to say.  


Rafael Cueli Cue. Class of 2011

After graduating from JFK, I enrolled in Universidad Anáhuac Querétaro in the Communications program, where I developed an increasing passion for Public Relations and Advertising. After having the opportunity of studying abroad in Madrid for a semester, I experienced the joy of an internship in a great Public Relations agency and later started my professional career working with clients in the aerospace hub, healthcare providers, department stores, startups, and private universities, including Universidad Anáhuac. I´ve worked there for the past two years as Public Relations and Fundraising Manager, building strong academic relations with public and private entities, and the university’s Board members. At the same time, I’m working on my Masters in Market Intelligence and I was recently hired as a professor of the School of Communications.
I really enjoy engaging with my class and I’m excited to motivate students, just like my JFK teachers motivated me and helped shape me into who I am today.  


Jorge del Villar Fausto Class of 2005

I graduated from JFK in 2005 after going through its entire K-12th program. I then started a Bachelor´s Degree in Marketing and decided to spend a semester in Ontario, Canada, at Laurentian University. At the same time, a couple of friends and I started our own business, developing websites. I eventually launched my own advertising company here in Queretaro, ANUNCIAR T, where we´ve worked with local and nationwide customers such as Bonafont, Palacio de Hierro, Bardahl, Queretaro´s Tourism agency, among others. We have now entered the US market through a new presence in Dallas, Texas with a subsidiary, named Vaquero Advertising, focused on digital marketing.

My years with the JFK family gave a solid foundation to propel my career forward, and for that I´m thankful. I have the fondest of memories from my time there.

Fernanda Morán Ledesma Class of ‘07

After graduating from JFK, I studied Agronomy at ITESM QRO. Right after, I got a master’s degree in Business Administration and worked on poultry production and bell peppers in greenhouses.

This may sound weird, but the IB Art Program (photography) triggered my interest in wildlife conservation. I was finally able to study Biology, where I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate in conservation projects, such as pronghorn repopulation, Mexican wolf reintroduction, and jaguar livestock coexistence in Queretaro´s Sierra Gorda. I'm currently halfway through completing a Master’s Degree on Biological Sciences.

I learned a lot at JFK. Apart from academics, I still play sports, especially soccer, and I still carry my camera everywhere. I can say that 12 years at JFK gave me the tools and skills to achieve professional and personal goals, but the most important thing I got after all those years: my friends.

María Fernanda Zenizo. Class of 1995

Studying at JFK taught me to be honest, persistent and tough. I had great teachers like Miss Margaret in 3rd grade who taught me that learning could be fun, Miss Carol who helped shape my character in 5th, Mr. Walker and Miss Corso in Jr. High and Peter Kelly in High School when I graduated in 1995. But most importantly what I learned at JFK is that even in the toughest circumstances, if I really put my heart and work into it, I could accomplish anything. Today, I own a successful company called Accupeople Intelab dedicated to safeguarding the integrity of people in companies. I work in a niche that everybody was afraid to go into: people and honesty in the workplace is always a very sensible subject to address, however fraud, corruption and dishonesty are always problems that cost companies a lot of money. We decided to face that problem head on by creating software (INTELAB) that uses formal axiology as an instrument to measure people´s values and asses their risk factor. As a result, companies can manage their risk and become better workplaces by fixing their lack of values and improving their organizational climate. Today, we are working with important banks and International companies, helping them to decrease their human risk factor as well as their fraud and corruption problems. We are starting to expand into Latin America and will soon go into other countries as well. I have also been serving as President of the Anti-corruption and Anti-money laundering Committee at IMEF (Instituto Mexicano de Finanzas) for the last 2 years and am an International speaker addressing Anti-corruption and Human Risk Factors. I love to be able to do something of value for society and my country. I am sure that I learned my best skills at JFK and have always been praised for my English which I learned there. Thank you for everything!  


Verónica Solís García. Class of 2001

A couple of weeks ago one of my best friends, one I hadn’t seen in 8 years and after the birthing of two children , came to visit. In an outburst of cheesiness we decided to meet where we met 25 years ago, so we set up an alumni tour to our beloved JFK. I can’t even begin to explain our surprise at how changed the school is. It’s grown so much, most of the buildings in which we had classes have been replaced by bigger and nicer ones, and there are some new features like the auditorium and cafeteria, but we could still feel the essence of the school, it still felt familiar. I took a deep breath and thought of how those changes mirror the changes in our lives. We have grown and forged our own paths, we are not little kids anymore, but our essence is the same, too, and we could feel it there, even after the long years that took us separate ways.
After graduating from High School I studied biology at the UAQ, did a master’s degree in restoration ecology at the UNAM, and participated in conservation projects in northern Mexico. In Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, I worked at CEDO, an environmental conservation NGO where I collaborated in environmental education programs, research projects, and the first Environmental Impact Assessment done with small-scale fishermen in the Upper Gulf of California (part of the efforts to protect the vaquita marina). In Janos, Chihuahua, I collaborated with the UNAM in conservation and restoration efforts like the black-footed ferret reintroduction and monitoring program, prairie dog and cattle projects, ecological history surveys, the Action Plan for the Conservation of American Bison, and the bison reintroduction project that brought the first conservation herd back to Mexico. Later on I joined the family business, still with a conservation hue, exporting high-temperature metal scrap to the USA and Germany for recycling purposes, proudly helping both the economy and the environment.
I remember that in the different stages of this winding road I felt thankful and privileged for the strong foundations I got from studying at JFK. I made great friends and had a lot of fun, but also got an outstanding education that gave me the keys to open many doors I couldn’t have fathomed back then. Being not just bilingual, but bicultural gave me an edge when applying to schools, jobs, and grants. The critical and analytical thinking abilities that I developed there allowed me to pursue a successful career in science. I also learned to accept myself and others as we are, with our differences and similarities, and that has proved helpful in my personal and professional life. I know that the person I've become is a collage of the experiences, people I’ve met, and of the challenges I’ve faced. I constantly think back to those early years at JFK with fond memories and appreciation for the essence the teachers, friends and school helped me create, one that still perfumes my everyday pursuits.  


Pablo Anton Díaz Class of 2003

I spent all my childhood years at JFK and even to this day the school continues to appear in some of my dreams. After finishing high school, I moved to study my Bachelors in Economics at ITAM in Mexico City, where I spent most of my free time playing music in different bars across the city and occasionally recording original music. After graduating, I worked for the World Bank doing research in Mexico City and had the opportunity to study my masters at Columbia University in New York City, where I've been living ever since. I currently work as a researcher for a non-profit in Washington DC that focuses on trying to promote global financial inclusion in developing countries, and I also continue to play in a rock band during my spare time. We just played Force Fest here in Mexico a month ago with a lot of cool bands I discovered while I was at JFK, such as System of a Down and Alice in Chains.
Music has always been an integral part of my life and who I am, and I have consistently been playing in bands since I was 12, while also maintaining a professional career on the side. JFK encouraged me to cultivate this aspect of my life in conjunction with my studies, and some of my most fond memories there are related to music as well: Prof. Alvaro's music workshop, organizing "tocadas" in friend's backyards in Jurica to play rock and punk covers, being collectively shocked and sad about Newsted quitting Metallica during school recess, and learning about cool new bands while swapping CD's at friends' houses. I don't know if this is still the case, but there were a lot of musicians at JFK when I was there!

Adriana Lobato. Class of 2007

Attending JFK School forged who I am today. Looking back, my time at JFK was definitely one of the most memorable periods in my life; I played football, did theatre, and photography, I was in Model UN and participated in community work. JFK helped me develop my passion for social justice and gain knowledge of local and global issues. I graduated in 2007 and I had an unclear idea of what to do next, I had to focus all my passions into one thing. I went on to study graphic design, but I realized I wanted a broader design spectrum, so I decided to become an architect.
I studied architecture at ITESM QRO, where several times I was involved organizing an International Architecture Conference ITESM+ Arquine, inviting world class architects.

I also enrolled in TAAC, an active workshop where we designed and built projects in communities in need. While in university I worked part time in a local architecture firm alongside one of my professors who became my mentor. In addition I participated in several exchange workshops in Chicago, Peru, Finland and Korea. My international experiences enhanced my creativity and expanded my horizons.

After graduating I was awarded the Governors Scholarship for developing an urban mobility plan. I went to continue my studies in The Washington Center where I completed a diploma in Project Management and Public Policy. While in D.C. also completed an internship in a top architecture firm, designing George Town University dorms, the Florida School of the Arts new building, as well developing master planning for other universities. Once a week I volunteered as a teacher in local schools to bring architecture into children’s development.

Having all the travel and intercultural experience has transformed and expanded my entire view on life; it enhanced my love of travel and cultural exposure. I was drawn to the idea of working abroad while traveling. Exposure to varying modes and means of cultural expression forces a sense of openness to the possibilities that can further enhance one’s ability to become a creative thinker and designer, a person more open to explore more diverse ideas, traditions, routines and culture. These experiences enabled me to see global patterns of how we live, work and shape our urban environments. Most importantly though, I learned how to live in the moment and to appreciate the small things.

Consequently, I decided to move to the South East Asia region of the world I was intrigued with. I landed a job in Malaysia working for an international Architecture firm designing large scale projects, mainly mix-use developments, as well as shopping malls, high residential towers and luxury resorts in South East Asia. After 4 years in Kuala Lumpur; I have recently moved to Singapore, and now work for an international award winning Architecture and Urban Planning firm, with a multi-disciplinary approach working on innovative, city-changing projects that move our industry forward, and contribute positively to society. We are designing large scale projects across the world, like the new Miami Cruise Terminal, as well as designing new sustainable and livable cities in China, a new self-sufficient island the Middle East, etc. My goal is to achieve sustainable living systems through designing holistic and integrated spaces connecting people with the environment and making our cities more livable. 

Noel Ibañez Gutiérrez. Class of 2001

From pre-first to high school I had the privilege to be part of the JFK Family. During that time, I met my best friends and brothers for life. I had a lot of good experiences that I still remember with a smile. After completing my studies at JFK, I went on to Tec de Monterrey to obtain my Bachelors in International Business. Just before finishing, I started working in Procurement at Kellogg Company. Since 2006 I have been part of Kellogg LATAM Procurement team.

Besides my formal work, I became a volunteer rescuer having participated in different disasters around the world including: Guatemala’s Earthquake, Oaklahoma’s Tornado, Jalisco’s Hurricane and the latest Mexico City Earthquake. With the help of one of my friends that I have known since pre-first, we have created “Kalan Operaciones Especiales” Search and Rescue Team. Thanks to the friendship, values and experiences at JFK I have been able to achieve all of this.

Diana Ostos Rangel. Class of 2007

I studied Biotechnology at the Tec de Monterrey, and started my career as a researcher, working on projects related to bioprocess engineering, recombinant protein expression in bacteria, and genetic assembly in yeast. After completing a Masters in Synthetic Biology at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Basel, I moved back to Mexico and into the work field.

I entered a Graduate Development Program in a flavor and ingredients company in San Juan del Río, and specialized in Operations Finance. In 2018, I joined McKinsey & Company, one of the most prestigious management consulting firms in the world, where I have been involved in projects ranging from card payments to lean manufacturing.

I love adventure sports; especially paragliding. I also practice ultimate frisbee - which, incidentally, I played for the very first time at JFK... back when we had to keep a written journal for sports class!

Thanks a lot!


Almudena Villareal. Class of 2012

After graduating from JFK high school, I moved to La Paz, BCS, México to study Marine Biology at the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur. A few semesters into my career, I joined the non-profit organization “Pelagic Life” to help change shark fishing for shark tourism. While working with them I met my current husband. We got married after I graduated as a marine biologist and shortly after we had a baby. After graduating, my husband and I opened an eco-tourism company here in La Paz which focused on introducing the activity of swimming with sharks in the area. Sadly, due to lack of budget we had to sell the company. Currently we own a sailboat where we offer guided tours around the bay and plan to focus on scientific research on board the sailboat. I´m thankful for the science education offered at JFK, as it made it possible for me to become a marine biologist and made me who I am today.

Roberta Madrazo. Class of 2012

When I was in 12th grade, I discovered my passion for education. It was in one of my CAS projects where I figured out that what really inspired to realize the enormous inequality of educational opportunities in our country. However, I didn’t know which path would lead me to work towards making it better for everyone. I eventually realized this, when I remembered a teacher with much love and gratitude. This teacher was Miss Ana Julia, who introduced me to the field of Pedagogy.

After graduating in 2012, I went on to study Education & Human Development (Pedagogy) at Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City, earning a Bachelor’s degree with a focus on Educational Innovation. Throughout my professional development, I’ve had the chance to collaborate in both public and private sectors that, along with the global vision that JFK imprinted on me, have helped me to broaden my perception of the reality that we face every day in our country.

Right now, I am the Educational Technology Specialist at a school in the southern part of Mexico City, where I work alongside with teachers and staff, to transform education in the classroom through the use of technology and pedagogical innovation.

JFK was the place where I found my passion; it was the place where I was inspired by the most incredible teachers, and where I met the most amazing people I call my friends.


David Sayavedra Sahagún. Class of 2009

From kindergarten to high school, I was part of the JFK community. Great friends, great teachers and a unique way of learning were part of my JFK experience. After completing my studies at JFK, I enrolled at Tec de Monterrey obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Finance. During my first semester of college I signed up for photography courses as an extracurricular activity. As the semesters went by, my passion for photography increased. Then, just about halfway through my studies, I decided to formally study a degree in photography in a prestigious school of photography in Querétaro. I was able to combine my career alongside my passion for photography, eventually obtaining both degrees. Nowadays I do what I love: I am a freelance photographer, but also I work at my family firm.
I definitely had many great years at JFK.


Daniela Arias Vargas. Class of 2000

After high school I had the privilege to study Clinical Psychology in three different universities and countries: Australia, Argentina and Mexico. I worked for 2 years as a therapist until again I packed my bags and continued my journey back again to Australia where I competed a masters in Gender Studies and International Relations. I have a nomadic soul I think, so after working in Turkey on a research project with African migrants, I set off once again, only this time the coordinates pointed North. Currently, I live and work in Germany and am a researcher associate in the University of Oldenburg, and I am also the program coordinator of a Masters study program in Migration Studies and Intercultural studies. I am sure that my years at the JFK were a very important building block for what after became my passion, exploring different realities and ways of being in this world and trying as much as possible to contest social inequality and oppression.
Even when I am constantly and happily "on the move", I always carry my home with me, and as they say home is where your heart is.

Santiago Taracena. Class of 2012

After graduating from JFK in 2012, I went on to study Economics at ITAM in Mexico City. I pursued my interest in an energy finance-oriented career throughout my time at ITAM and worked as a gas and power market research and analysis intern at IHSMarkit. A year later, I joined the Equity Research team at Credit Suisse as an intern in Mexico City and upon graduating from college I was promoted to a full-time analyst with coverage of the Latin America cement and energy & petrochemicals sectors. I am currently responsible to research public companies, project earnings, follow market trends, and produce reports and recommendations for international institutional investors.

I am very thankful for all the years I spent at JFK. I would not be where I am today were it not for the mentors, professors, and friends who supported my work and believed in me. It’s amazing how I’m still reaping the benefits of my JFK education.

María Luisa de la Parra. Class of 2011

After graduating from JFK, I studied Fashion Design & Fashion Industry at Universidad del Valle de Mexico and then went to Milan, Italy, to study Fashion Management and Trendscouting. I came back to Mexico, got married and started my own company, Localista Estudio, dedicated to coaching fashion companies and helping them to grow and have effective retail strategies. Also, I recently got into Anahuac as a professor in fashion school.

JFK was a great place to grow and learn, in an international environment, which not only gave me friends from around the world, but also a global vision which helped me to succeed abroad.


Mónica Elizabeth Medina Viramontes. Class of 2001

I have spent all my life at the Kennedy, and have many fond memories of the time I spent here. I graduated with the 2001 generation. This school helped me to excel in my studies, allowing me to receive a sports and academic scholarship.

In the 4th grade, I was contacted by the athletic team and from that day on, my life changed. As of today, I am 35 years old and I am still competing nationally. In July of this year, I won the National Championship Track and Field Master in the Heptathlon competition (100m with hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200m run, long jump, javelin throw and 800m run) in the category of 35 to 40 years. I would like to thank all the educators who are still at JFK and those who have already left. You have all allowed me to become the person I am today. For this I am infinitely grateful


María José Guerrero Sánchez. Class of 2011

From ASOMEX tournaments, to the Kermesse, the Christmas Bazaar, and many more events, I always enjoyed my time at JFK. It not only was the best option academically, but also the place where I made my best friends. After graduating I enrolled in the Tec de Monterrey, Querétaro campus to study Communication and Digital Media, had the opportunity to do 3 International Programs, and received my Bachelor’s Degree in 2016. I currently work in Eslabón Urbano, an urban planning firm that oversees real-estate projects from housing developments to commercial and industrial projects. It might seem like my career has shifted greatly from my degree, but I am in the Public Relations/Sales department and I enjoy it thoroughly.
I will always fondly remember JFK because of all of the amazing experiences, the friends I made, and the teachers who had an impact on my life. 


Loretta Rodríguez. Class of 2005

From the Kindergarten until grade 12, I spent many memorable times here at JFK with many great people. I met my best friends here, who I still stay in touch with to this day. There were also excellent teachers who gave me many learning opportunities and tools for my future.

After graduation, I spent a semester in France and Germany where I had the opportunity to work as a horse training assistant, which is one of my biggest passions. This experience gave me qualities allowing me to be perseverant, disciplined and energetic. It also allowed me to work on my goals, where I achieved to be the national champion in a horse back riding competition. Upon returning to Mexico, I studied at the Tec de Monterrey Campus in Querétaro. I studied in the field of Food Engineer, with the purpose of creating a dream.

In college, I spent a semester in Australia and in Argentina. After graduation I went to Africa to live with a Masai Tribe in Kenya. Upon completing my volunteer work, I travelled around Africa, where I experienced one of my best moments with my parents, working as a team climbing one of the biggest mountains in the world, the KILIMANYARO in Tanzania, which is 5895 meters high!

After that, I returned to Queretaro to work at a dairy company named Lyncott. Thanks to the amazing boss I had, I could continue with my dream which was to create a butcher shop, featuring an excellent quality of meat, but above all to ensure that the process allows us distribute meat that is organic and grass fed. Now my family and I are working in the production of a wild Mezcal named RANCHO LA QUINTA

Cristina Saucedo. Class of 2006

After graduating from JFK, I spent a year abroad in which I had the opportunity to live and work first in London and afterwards in Verbier, Switzerland working as a snowboard instructor. Upon returning to Mexico, I enrolled in the Communication Sciences program in Queretaro. Right after graduation, I moved to Mexico City to work for a company that specializes in skiing and snowboarding, which allowed me to travel to many different ski resorts across the United States.

Three years later, I decided to volunteer in Bali, Indonesia to help with the construction of a kindergarten in Ubud. I also was part of a turtle conservation program in Nusa Penida and taught English to Balinese children. Upon completing my volunteer work, I traveled around Southeast Asia with my sister until I settled in Thailand for a couple of months working towards my Divemaster certification.

After that, I came back to Mexico City where I started working as a KAM for a marketing company, where I currently work as a "New Businesses Manager". I now also work as a freelance travel agent for the same ski and snowboard company and as a CM for an NGO called Pelagic Life, which helps protect Mexico's oceans by promoting sustainable tourism.

I am very thankful for all the years I spent at JFK. The time I spent here gave me the opportunity to not only learn, but to also challenge myself and to never let go of what I am passionate about.


Nara Elizabeth Lara Pompa. Class of 2005

After graduating from JFK, I went on to study Human Nutrition at the Autonomous University of Querétaro, during which time I had the chance to live and study in Australia for a year. I completed my BSc thesis at the National Institute of Nutrition Salvador Zubirán in Mexico City, in the area of Nutrigenomics research, where I also spent the next year working as a CONACYT research assistant.

Upon completing my BSc degree, I decided to switch from bench-side research to clinical nutrition practice and research. I have always enjoyed working with people and feeling that your everyday work can have a direct impact on people’s wellbeing. I completed a MSc degree in Clinical Nutrition and Public Health with Distinction at University College London (UCL) in the UK. I decided to further specialize with a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Paediatric Dietetics endorsed by the British Dietetic Association, and went on to complete a PhD in Clinical Paediatric Nutrition at the UCL Institute of Child Health.

I am now working as a Specialist Paediatric Dietitian at the Children’s Oncology Hospital Teleton in Queretaro, while also lecturing students from MSc and BSc degrees at the Autonomous University of Queretaro, and carrying out research into the diagnosis and treatment of malnutrition in paediatric patients with complex diseases. I spend my days doing what I am most passionate about: helping children improve their nutritional wellbeing and thus supporting them and their families through what is understandably a challenging time in their lives.

My time at JFK was full of fond memories and lasting friendships that have remained with me always. I am grateful for the lessons, challenges and experiences that helped shape who I am and what I do today.


Fernando Vielma Délano. Class of 2004

After spending the best years of my life at JFK, and making the best memories with my teachers and friends, I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering in Tec de Monterrey and an Master’s in Business Administration from EGADE Business School.

I’m currently the Director of Canacintra Querétaro, where we represent the manufacturing industry in Queretaro. We are committed to promoting companies’ improvements and growth and being a bridge between these companies and the government. I’ve encountered many interesting people working here and have built good relationships.

I’m very thankful for my years spent at JFK, since it was there where I was motivated to achieve my goals in life and to never give up, no matter what the obstacles.


Mauricio Simón Múgica. Class of 2010

I've always thought that having a good basis within your education will open many doors, that's why I feel really grateful for having the opportunity to study at J.F.K.

Currently, I'm a pilot in an Airbus A320, which transports 180 passengers. It’s a great responsibility, and let me tell you, the feeling of walking through the airport terminals wearing my pilots uniform is priceless!

The road to get here hasn't been easy, but I think that if you fight for your dreams you will surely succeed.

Go for it!

Daniela Martínez del la Escalera Clapp. Class of 2006

In the blink of an eye twelve years have passed since I graduated high school at JFK. Since that time, I became a clinical psychologist and completed a Master’s degree in Family Therapy. I currently have my private practice in Juriquilla, Querétaro where I help children, teenagers, families and couples cope with emotional, behavioral and social issues. My number one goal is to promote my patients’ well-being; creating a safe space were we can engage in meaningful conversations that lead to new possibilites and solutions to their problems.

I will forever be grateful for the years I attended JFK; my home for almost 11 years. The place where I encountered teachers and friends that will forever have a special place in my heart as well as giving me wings to believe in my dreams, ask questions, be curious, enjoy learning, and to always work hard in order to achieve my goals.


Bruno Stump. Class of 2007

I have been in Switzerland, my second home, for almost six years now. Originally, I had planned on joining the army, so I completed studies in Canton Ticino to be a military paramedic. To add to my adventures --beyond wearing camouflage-- I wanted to complete a Master’s degree in my second passion which is wine. To do this, I had to study Enology Engineering and complete a year of practicum at a wine cellar to achieve my current title: a Master’s of Science in Winemaking and Viticulture.

After finishing my studies, I am currently completing one last experience in the military: a peacekeeping mission in Kosovo for eight months. In March, I received the medal of Non article 5: Balkans from NATO, an honor that very few people in the world have received.

I want to send warm greetings to my dear Kennedy from this magical place called Kosovo!


Andrea Álvarez. Class of 2008

Ten years have passed since I graduated from JFK and somehow I keep coming back. It was a huge experience and it definitely marked my path until now. I studied Digital Arts and Animation at the ITESM Campus Querétaro and I currently own a company called BIH-LOH Advertising. It is a multimedia agency, based in Queretaro, that specializes in audiovisual production, web development, design and digital strategy with Community Management.

My years at JFK taught me to embrace challenges and to know that there is a whole world outside that you can reach with the right actions.


Eugenio Parrodi Wiechers. Class of 2008

Studying at JFK had a remarkable impact in my personal and professional development. After studying for more than 12 years at JFK, I received a golf scholarship to play NCAA Division 1 College Golf in the United States where I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.

Studying at Kennedy not only helped me be accepted there but also to be prepared for life abroad. After living for more than six years in the US, I decided to move back to Mexico and sometime after, I got my MBA at Tec de Monterrey EGADE. Today, I am currently living in Mexico and taking part in a personal winemaking project as I study the Winemaker´s Certificate Program at the University of California Davis.

I am very thankful not only to all of my teachers but also to the Kennedy society and alumni who helped me all along the way. Go Jaguars!

Diego Tomas Glazer Stump. Class of 2010

The John F. Kennedy school was very important in my development as a painter and as a human being. Since we were always in contact with other cultures and perspectives it was a very good environment to learn how to see beyond myself and be less judgmental about things that were outside my comfort zone.

The art program helped me know what I wanted to achieve I went to San Miguel to study Visual Arts, where I could put into practice the tools given to me by my teachers and friends which were very important in shaping my view of the world. After graduating I had the opportunity to study at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy, for three years, where I would develop skills that helped me become a better painter and keep learning about myself and my capabilities. As of now I’m living in Querétaro again, where I set up my art studio. I have participated in different exhibits and find myself currently working on creating a body of work that speaks of the person I am and the way I see the world, which is very important to me and the path I want to take as a painter.

I am very thankful of JFK for giving me the values and bases that helped shape the person that I am today.


Andrés González De Rosenzweig. Class of 2009

Hey Everyone! In the 13 years I studied at JFK I learned basically everything I know, but the single most important lesson was the happiness that comes from having a bit to do in each other's well-being. I graduated JFK nine years ago and I directly went on to study Medicine in the Autonomous University of Querétaro, aided by the tools of a comprehensive knowledge in science born out of curiosity from the very heart of Miss Inge's science lab all the way to an amazingly complete IB Biology course. At University, I realized that my experiences in Mr. Heath's and Miss Geo's Model UN inspired me to be a leader. I was able to take an active role in the student council and the academic council at the faculty of medicine. Then, I went on to achieve the top grade during my internship and to receive Best Performance recognition for my Social Service.

From skills like as simple as management of specialized search databases and the selection of quality evidence and understanding of scientific articles to the advanced reading comprehension and essay writing methods, JFK has been by my side at all times. Today, as a physician, the ability to understand and empathize with a multicultural community extends the reach of my practice across many cultural barriers.

At JFK I learned to understand and respect others since I learned alongside classmates and teachers from all across the globe but most importantly from all across the ideological spectrum. After graduating I began my private practice and I co-founded Medics Medical Services in May 2017, a 24/7 medical service which has rapidly grown since then, serving locals in Querétaro and its growing foreign community. You can check it out at In the short-term I hope to become an ENT doctor and to continue growing as a professional, as a businessman and as a human being.

Juan Manuel Cardoso. Class  of  1998

Hello Jaguars! May name is Juan Manuel Cardoso. After graduating JFK I earned a medical general surgeon degree and later on a masters in Psychiatry Summa cum Laude at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I really wanted to continue my training so I decided to study an MBA at UDLA University. Later, I was delighted to have the opportunity to go to Harvard business school, where I graduated from the program Mastering Negotiation Processes last year. Now, I work with international pharmaceutical industry companies. My core activities are related to "bringing the science behind the drugs to a friendly environment so the general public, health care practitioners and patients have reliable sources of scientific information to promote healthy lifestyles through digital channels based on neuro marketing praxis.” I am responsible for delivering ethical and scientific product claims to avoid fines and penalties from regulatory international agencies. Health care must always be guided with strong and reliable support information for the public, we well as empower patients to engage with healthcare practitioners for diagnosis or timely treatment.

How did JFK influence me? , Well, JFK made us believe that everything was possible if we worked for the greater good, not just as individuals, "think before you act," and the best way to think outside of the box and achieve our success with strong ethical values and academic preparation. JFK is not just a school, is a well- planned learning center of continuous and long-lasting education. JFK will remain as one of my fondest memories



Alejandro Villarreal Larrauri. Class  of  2010

It’s been 8 years since I graduated from JFK to this day. Completing a Bachelor's degree in Sustainable Development Engineering at the Tec de Monterrey, and a Master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering in France, I am currently in my second year of my PhD in Energy, Mechanics, and Materials, carried out jointly at the University of Lorraine and at the French Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety Institute (IRSN). On a day-to-day basis, I study the interactions of the molten nucleus of a nuclear reactor within the containment building, to develop models for a simulation software that allows us to understand the phenomena at stake during these extreme cases. In general, along with the people from my laboratory, the objective is to study and/or validate safety measures that guarantee that in the event of nuclear core meltdown the radioactive material remains inside the containment building.

Who could have said that the chain reaction that lead me to one of the most prestigious nuclear safety research institutes began at JFK!



Arianne Milan. Class of 2012

After graduating from JFK in 2012, I went on to study Business and Entrepreneurship at Babson College in Boston. I quickly decided to switch paths and transferred to New York University, just one semester into college. I graduated from NYU’s College of Arts and Science, earning a B.A. in Economics and minors in Mathematics and French, and having been President of the CAS Finance Club during my junior and senior years. Since finishing high school, I’ve also interned at several banks and real estate firms in NYC and Mexico City, and upon graduating from college, I joined the NYC Global Wealth team at BBVA Compass Bank. I currently assist in managing relationships and accounts for our ultra-high net worth clients, developing and growing the bank’s Private Equity dealings, and extending loans to clients in the Wealth and Commercial sectors. Along with this role, I am also the NYC Economic Development Coordinator for BBVA Compass’ Corporate Responsibility Program.

I still carry the fondest memories of JFK with me, never forgetting the values and fundamentals that I learned from teachers and peers alike, and applying them to my work and life every day.


Lorenia Rincón. Class of 1980

Lorenia Rincon. Class of 1980 My fondest memories and my best friends to this date are from the time I spent at JFK. I also learned the basic skills that would later guide me towards my passion: conference interpreting. I received my degree in Business Management and later I became a conference interpreter. Today I live in Cancun, Mexico where I have my own business and work as freelance conference interpreter and translator. My profession has allowed me to learn about many topics and has allowed me to travel throughout Mexico, as well as abroad.

The years I spent at JFK with classmates from different countries and cultures opened my eyes, expanded my curiosity and helped me dream about "doing something with the English language" that could allow me to meet different people and travel to different places. I never dreamed that things would turn out the way they did.

Becky Rubenstein Class of 1974

I am Becky Rubenstein. I studied to be a lawyer, and graduated from law school. But I
don´t work as a lawyer, I work as an interpreter in the judiciary and am now the Interpreter Coordinator for the Federal Court in a district in California. We interpret simultaneously back and forth between those charged with a crime and the court and the other court participants. Our job is to make sure that the defendants are on the same footing as English speakers in the courtroom. In order to interpret in the Federal Courts or the State Courts in the U.S. one must pass a Certification Exam. The pass rate for the Federal Court Exam is less than seven percent and for the California State Certification exam, it is less than twelve percent. However, I think that many of the basic skills that allowed me to pass those exams and work in this highly sought after field, I obtained while studying at Kennedy. It is such unique learning environment, with so many resources. I am a primary English speaker, and I feel like the Spanish that I learned there, was designed to specifically address the problems I had. I am so grateful to my teacher, this was a huge gift.

Daniela Villaseñor Echávarri Class of 2013

Today I confirm how important and valuable my experiences and my learning were at the JFK. There is where my dreams began, and the plans that I am turning into realities today. I study Marketing and Communications, a career that covered my interest and curiosity for business as well as the creative approach. I am currently working on a project with Ogilvy and Mather, one of the best and most recognized advertising agencies worldwide. We created strategic proposals for the English chain of gas stations: BP, in order to enter the Mexican market. On the other hand, I work in public relations at Rosella Magazine, a project that captured me because of its mission to support entrepreneurship and the enormous capacity of Mexican women. I am also a flamenco teacher, a passion that I discovered during my Kennedy years and that although sometimes there is a lack of time, it is something that I hope to keep present in my life always.
I thank the JFK for giving me everything I received. Since I graduated in 2013 I am aware of the competencies that I forged without realizing and I decided to use those skills for the common good, always with humility. THANKS KENNEDY. 



Andrew Gabelic Class of ‘06

My name is Andrew Gabelic, I live in New York but I will move back to México City in 6 months. I am working on two personal projects, one of them is a company and the other one is an online course. Teledipity is a personal development application and is a virtual course that made for Latino students who want to study at the university or masters level in the United States. This course focuses mainly on developing excellent admissions essays.

Anyway, I love Kennedy and I have so many amazing memories of the school!




Karla Munguía Colmenero. Class of 2005

When I was seventeen I discovered a channel that blew my mind away: Animal Planet. From the moment I saw that first take of a cheetah chasing and antelope, I said “I want to be the one behind the camera”.  

The link published in Discovery’s Network’s site led me to a window that read: “If you speak English, know how to handle a camera and write a script, this is your opportunity to enter On Earth, a reality show in the South African reserve Shamwari, where experts in their field will teach you how to make documentaries”.

After the longest weekend I can remember, they announced me that out of a 34,000 applicants, I had won a place in On Earth. I could not believe that I was the only representative from the American Continent ―the other chosen were two Europeans, one Australian and two Asians; I believed they had made a mistake. 

Life is made of cycles, and my time in Africa came to an end. I now take great pleasure in sharing my experiences with children. I have great faith in them. Planting a small seed in them has become one of my callings, as well as writing a book where love of diversity, respect for all living creatures and taking care of our planet are the main themes I want to share with kids, young adults and women.

I would like to say to all Kennedy students, that they should appreciate and take advantage of the complete and privileged education they are receiving. I also want to tell them they should own their dream and believe in themselves order to make them come true. It takes great effort; it takes not surrendering after the first, the second, or the hundred times that things do not turn out the way you want them to.



Janine Seifert Class of ‘02

Will you share some fun memories from your days at JFK?
There are too many to pick one. But some of the most fun days where the various ASOMEX basketball and football tournaments, the trips to Catemaco and Oaxaca in High School, Rojos y Azules games and Children’s Day.

What were the most valuable lessons that you learned from your days at JFK?
I learned that hard work pays off and that good friends are friends for life. My best friends continue to be the people I met during my fifteen years at JFK from both the student body and the faculty.



Rodrigo Garza Urquiza. Class of 2005

How can you contribute to JFK as an alumnus?
When I graduated from JFK, not many people wanted to study abroad. I think I can help JFK by talking with, and motivating students. Even if they want to study here in Mexico, I would invite them to take a chance, to look for an opportunity to study a semester or a summer abroad. It opens up a lot of opportunities to become involved in many different activities. It allows you to experience different cultures and different ways of doing things. And this applies to any career you choose to study. Wherever you go, you will be able to see different things and learn from them. I would really like to motivate students at JFK doing the IB program.

When you think about JFK, what comes to your mind? What are some of your memories? 
Something that I really like about JFK is that they really want to form leaders. You can see this as early as Elementary School. Whenever they assign you a project, they want you to become independent. They want you to ask a lot of questions. They want you to be able to work in a group effectively. I think JFK prepares everybody that graduates from here, to become a future leader. One of my enjoyable memories was doing Red and Blue when we were in High School; running around, doing all sorts of activities, it was really fun. The workshops we had since Kindergarten, making paintings, making sculptures all that stuff was fun as well.