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Back on Track 2022-2023


I really do hope you have had a fantastic summer… lots of fun and adventure, or just time to relax and hang out with family and friends. It is always so great to have the summer break, and always so great to finally get back into the new school year!
Well, while you have all been away, there has been a lot happening here on campus, and I have lots of things to tell you about. In fact, what we are going to do is to send to you an email, tomorrow, with the details you need for the first day for your grade level. Each principal will be sending that out to all their families so that we don’t get overwhelmed with information that isn’t relevant to us.
COVID hasn’t disappeared, its still with us, and although many people seem to get very mild symptoms that isn’t the case for everyone. We will continue to respect each other, and to be careful. For this reason, and aligned with most other schools, we do still have some protocols in place. In fact, that will all be covered in the email tomorrow. Then, once we have the first day out the way, we will be sending some other messages to explain all the other information you need. Please be patient, and please keep checking your emails.

New School Year, August 24

Back on Track!, June 28, 2022





  • On July 4th, each family received a personalized email with the Book list for the next school year 2022-2023, with all the information and Banking Personal Reference for each student to make and identify your payment. You can consult the details in the following PDF. Regarding the school materials, you can check the lists on our web page under the academic sections.
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