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Bulletin #20 | January 22nd, 2019

Main Office


The importance of workshops for educators

Last week we hosted our 8th International Congress for Physical Education and School Sports.
The importance of this Congress should not be underestimated. Over the years, I have attended many conferences, seminars and workshops for educators and it is very rare to find such specific opportunities for our Sports and Physical Education teachers.

At JFK we are working hard to change this perspective. Adults that teach or coach children should learn how to do so as professionals. Over the years we have been changing the profile of our physical education and sports staff. Most if not all have degrees, and many graduated last year from the Masters’ Degree program that we offered through a university in Puebla. Each month there is further professional development and some are participating in Teacher Training Certificates among other subjects. A new objective that we are working toward is for all coaches to be certified as school coaches in the United States.

In parallel to this, we have the yearly congress. This year we have over two hundred participants from schools across the country and as far as Guatemala. The presenters are all experts and join us from as far as Spain, Colombia and Costa Rica. The Congress grows each year and the JFK is proud to be in the forefront of encouraging the growth in professionalism so that all our children can grow to be healthy and physically active.

This is yet another example of how we follow our Mission: To Lead, Serve and Create Beauty.


I promised to keep the community advised of our progress against influenza throughout this season. I have not said much until now as there has not been much to say! So far this season we have had only 5 confirmed cases of influenza amongst students and staff!

Your help to keep your children warm and your patience at the entrances when someone looks sick, and our efforts to keep reminding all to have the flu vaccine and to take care of ourselves is really paying off.

Thank you all!

Adrian Leece
Main Office



VIII International Congress for P.E

From the 10th to the 13th of January, our teachers participated on the IX International Congress for P.E. and School Sports, organized by the American School of Guadalajara.
A special acknowledgment to Joan Ibarra, Francisco Hernández, Samantha Alvarado, Carlos López, Juan Pablo Sánchez, Antonio Cortes, María Álvarez, Cecilia Ponce, Jeymmy Pizano, Raymundo Hernández and Arturo Bustamante.

Thank you Enrique Estrada and Robert Callahan for participating as speakers.

With great success, the VIII International Congress for P.E. and School Sports took place in our campus, from the 17th to the 20th of January. All of our P.E. and Sports teachers participated.

A total of 210 teachers from different states and municipalities of Querétaro, and other countries like Guatemala, assisted.
Great speakers and renowned teachers from the field from different states and countries like Spain, Costa Rica, Colombia and Mexico.
Congratulation to everyone who made this Congress possible!

Click here to see a photo gallery

Sports Team



The Great Kindness Challenge

We are participating, along with other schools around the world, in The Great Kindness Challenge during the week of January 28th. It will be a great way to build community and celebrate the beautiful things that we do for each other every day. There will be four parts:
  1. Students will register acts of kindness that they do at home during the week.
  2. Parent volunteers will come at recess time to help students create friendly cards appreciating others.
  3. We will be collecting powdered milk for the Casa Hogar during the week of January 21st to the 24th and our friends from the Casa Hogar will visit on January 28th to have a shared activity with K3D

Spirit week from Jan. 28- Feb 1:

  • Monday: Global Kindness Day: Dress up in international costumes.
  • Tuesday: Powered by Kindness: Dress as your favorite Superhero.
  • Wednesday: Dream of kindness: Pajama day.
  • Thursday: Peace, love and Kindness day: Hippie attire.
  • Friday: Hats off to kindness: wear your favorite hat.


Teacher to visit PYP in action
Some of our JFK staff traveled to Irapuato today to visit PYP in action at the Alexander Bain Institute. We are very excited to have this chance to collaborate with professionals from another school who face similar challenges that we see here at JFK. Just another way that we are growing in our Professional Development!

Admissions Evaluations for 2019-2020
Last Saturday, we began the admission´s process for selecting our next generation of Jaguars. If you have any friends or family members who are interested in joining JFK, please remind them that spaces are limited and it is important to visit Edson Vega in our Admissions Department in order to get signed up for an evaluation date. The next available date for Pre-School is on March 9th.

Debra Cortney
Preschool Principal

Elementary School

Action speaks louder than words

We have officially reached the halfway point of the school year. As you know, we have three trimester report cards (the first one was in November). However, we still teach six units, and we just finished unit 3 last week. That means you should check your child's grades on PowerSchool because we are halfway through trimester 2. Also, remember that we are measuring skills through our formative and summative assessments. So you will see grades from 1 to 4 on PowerSchool. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the teacher so that everyone can be supporting your children with their academic needs.

Also,I have a few wonderful examples of JFK students doing the right thing all of which happened last week (during the first week of the Theft Prevention Campaign).
-a JFK student found $50 pesos and turned it into the office
-a JFK student found an smartphone and turned it into the office
-a JFK student found a wallet with money inside and turned it into the office

Of course, there are many other "untold" examples of honesty but we will start sharing more of the ones we know about as they come.

Have a great week!
Mark Dunn
Elementary School Principal

Middle School

Concert & Art Exhibition 

We had a great concert and Art Exhibition on Friday! Many parents and family members enjoyed the music, paintings, and relief sculptures. The 6th graders took me back in time with their 90s renditions! Seventh graders showed their independence by choosing songs from any era, and eighth graders amazed the crowd with original compositions.

Yesterday our 6th graders participated in the Knowledge Olympics, a subject-matter competition. Thanks to the 6th grade teachers for proctoring!

This week is short for our students. Please take the opportunity to discuss your child’s academic progress on PowerSchool. If you have trouble with PowerSchool, you can contact for help.


Middle School Social Service 

Our Social Service project at Middle School is to support young indigenous girls in pursuing educational opportunities through scholarships. On Saturday January 19th, they participated in their third session of the workshop “Co-responsibility, “with the objective of designing projects to benefit their communities. It was very interesting to see their interest in helping their community, the level of collaboration they show, and the commitment to seeing results. At the end of this session, they established four proposals: two for reforestation efforts, one for keeping the community clean, and one to develop family gardens.

These efforts are reciprocal: our Middle School students are developing their service habits, and in their Humanities classes will be learning more about the underlying causes of poverty, plus creating their Social Service portfolios.

Thanks for all the support at home!

Paola Regalado
Social Service Coordinator
Camille Casses
Middle School Principal

High School


Amazing trip to Nayarit

I would like to thank our 12th grade generation for an amazing class trip and experience in Nayarit. It was very rewarding for me to hear compliment after compliment from Bonding (the trip’s organizers), hotel staff, providers, biologists, and community leaders about how respectful and mature our students were during the trip. You lived our new school mission - leading, serving, and creating beauty - and represented JFK with honor. Congratulations and thank you! 
Bob Callahan
High School Principal