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Middle School is one of the most exciting, challenging, frustrating, and rewarding times for adolescents. As they discover more and more about themselves and begin to establish an independent personal identity, they also begin to explore the mysteries of the world around them. We support and guide students through this process of self-discovery.

Principal’s Message

Middle school is one of the most impactful times of your children’s lives. They are not young children anymore, and yet they are not grown. They are betwixt and between in age, critical thinking capacity, physical, social, and emotional development.

With the spirit of youth, our students in Middle School demonstrate inquiry often without realizing it: they want to know the whys of things, and also the hows, what fors, and why should we cares of the knowledge. Under the guidance of our teachers, middle schoolers learn how to collaborate, how to become responsible for their own learning, and they begin to see the results of the decisions they make.

In the Middle Years Programme, our teachers place a great focus on learning through experiences, investigations and reflective practices. Success here is measured in the ability to wonder, explore, and dig deeper as these skills lead students to be inquirers. The MYP guides this process in every classroom, where students are encouraged to follow their natural curiosity while learning.

Our students look at adults as models for the JFK values of Respect, Honesty, and Responsibility. Now, more than ever, students also see us and reflect on their own actions within the context of a shared responsibility towards our collective health and well-being. We emphasize self-regulation with our safety protocols, as well as bystander power to help students stand up for what is right for all.

Our students also benefit from the education of leading and serving, with our Second Step classes that support their social and emotional development. Programs such as Support Groups and Mentoring also help us create lasting bonds and provide skills for this development, and Service Learning integration provides an opportunity for our students to create lasting relationships of mutual empathy.

Students hone their technological acumen with our 1-to-1 Chromebook program; using technological tools to find new ways to collaborate with their peers, and receive significant, effective, and real-time feedback from their teachers.

Teaching and learning at JFK Middle School is designed to think of the future, helping students to Lead, Serve and Create Beauty in all they do. This energized environment of Middle School is why I love working with Middle Schoolers!

Camille Casses
Middle School Principal


Camille Casses
Middle School Principal

Teaching and learning at JFK Middle School is designed to think of the future, helping students to Lead, Serve and Create Beauty in all they do.

Camille Casses

MiDDLE School Principal

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