Parents' Association


Parents' Association


  • Be the communication bridge between the school and the parents for a continuous improvement in our children's school.
  • To help channel questions and concerns to school staff through teaching parents how to set up appointments with the section Principal. Using school channels of communication helps to avoid problems and misunderstandings.
  • Encourage the sense of community with all parents.
  • Support the school in all activities by optimizing the budget to achieve benefits at the best possible cost.
  • Integrate parents to achieve common objectives accomplishing cooperation among parents, students, and the JFK Direction to be all in one line.
  • For all Parents Associations to work together through collaborative efforts.

How Officers and Their Support Teams are Chosen

The Parents Associations attempt to maintain continuity in their efforts and officers choose members, near the end

 of the academic year, from their section to mentor into their positions for the coming year. They welcome participation and invite those interested in becoming officers to talk with the section Principal about ways to connect with this process. Formal nominations and election of officers is held during the first Parents Association meeting of the year.

Organizational Structure

There is a Parents Association in Preschool, Elementary and Middle School and their organization is the same with the following officers found in each section.


Some typical tasks:

  • Represent the Parents Association before the school
  • Manage the annual program and accomplish the objectives.
  • Be the bridge of communication between Parents Associations and the school.
  • Promote parent participation in order to create a sense of serving.

Vice President

Some typical tasks:

  • Support the president.
  • Coordinate the Parents Associations activities.
  • Participate in the development of the working plans.
  • Promote parent participation in order to create a sense of serving.


Some typical tasks:

  • Convene ordinary and extraordinary sessions.
  • Be in charge of the Associations Archive.
  • Take the minutes from the agreements.
  • Convene meetings and support the implementation of Parents Association plans.
  • Remind the Parents Associations of coming activities found in the events calendar.
  • Coordinate the communication program with the Grade Level and Class Representatives.


Some typical tasks:

  • Keeping up to date the income and expenses documentation.
  • Elaborate the needs and priorities along with the President and the Section Director according to the available resources.
  • Participate in the development of the working plan.
  • Keep an inventory of the Parents Associations materials.

Grade Level Representatives

Class Representatives work to support the Association at the classroom level during a year of service. They act as "Room Mothers" and bring support services 

directly to the classroom. Each classroom has at least one Class Representative. When possible a second one is chosen to support the classroom. If you are interested in serving in such a capacity please contact your Parents Association Officers who will appreciate your willingness to help.

Some typical tasks:

  • Identify the needs and requests of the grade responsible and take them to the Board to obtain solutions.
  • Summon the group representatives to the Board meetings and coordinate the event assigned by the Board working plan according to the group they are responsible of.
  • Coordinates the representatives.

Class Representatives

Grade Representatives connect the work of Class Representatives to the Parents Association Officers. There is one Grade Representative chosen for each grade level and they are involved in many direct meetings during the year with Parents Association Officers. They take the results of meetings back to the Class Representatives. If you are interested in serving in such a capacity please contact your Parents Association Officers who will appreciate your willingness to help.

Some typical tasks:

  • Identify the needs of their group in particular and takes them to the grade level representatives.
  • Collaborate along with the grade level representative in the communication with the parents.
  • Collect the voluntary contributions from the parents’ groups under their charge.
  • Attend to the Association activities indicated by your grade level representative.
  • Turn in a report of expenditures at the end of the school year.
  • Collaborate in the communication with the parents of each group.


Typical activities undertaken with donated funds collected from parents (Preschool, Elementary and Middle Schools) to operate the Parents Associations, funds are used to support both school-wide and classroom activities in the three sections. JFK Parents Associations are operated by volunteers. Their goal is to enhance the educational experience for our students. They work with voluntary fees collected from parents during their enrollment process. More funds are earned through Parent Association sponsored activities. We encourage all parents to pay the Parents Association fees to help support these volunteer efforts.