The safety of our community is of utmost importance at the JFK. In order to assure the optimal level, we have 24 hour a day, 365 days a year security coverage. This includes highly trained security personnel as well as security systems throughout the campus. The ongoing training of our security personnel covers topics such as:

  • Emergency response team training
  • Use of extinguishers
  • Induction to intrusion systems
  • School Evacuation System for teachers and students
  • Crisis management
  • First response, CPR and DEA

The security personnel is responsible for controlling all accesses to the school through a credential system. They are also responsible for the physical security of the school’s assets including fire and theft prevention and response

School access

Our School has six different access for the JFK community, they are numbered: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7. The school access is controlled by the use of credentials in different colors and each color has a different use and obligation. These credentials or ID’s have a chip that has the user’s data and their access privileges information, and in some cases, their fingerprints. We are implementing a turnstile control access that will allow the user to enter or exit by using their credential.

The School parking lot has 188 parking spaces, 4 designated to handicap, 1 for motorcycles and 5 for bicycles. Outside the School’s perimeter, in the streets of Pinos and Sabinos, there is parking space for 108 vehicles. For those users who want to have access to our School parking lot, they will need to fill in the proper forms at the Credentialization department, where they will receive a sticker which has to be put in a visible part of the vehicle (ex.: the windshield), to grant them access.

Values of the Security

Service Attitude

Kindness, proactivity and interest in giving an efficient service


The basis to conduct our guidelines and procedures


In each and every one of the activities we carry out


Essential in our school; helps maintain our foundations


Helps us offer always the best solutions.Punctuality: Reflects respect for others time.