Capital Campaign


Capital Campaign

New High School and Sports Facilities 2017-2021

About the Campaign

The John F. Kennedy High School section has 334 students registered in grades 9th to 12th. This group of students require equipment, material, tools and spaces to face their academic challenges. The school provides them with what they require for their studies; however, it is time to renovate both the High School building and the Sports facilities in order to fully satisfy such needs. Therefore, the school is developing a 6-million Dollars Capital Campaign.

In 1992, the first generation of eleven students graduated from High School. Those same students inaugurated the High School building in 1989, that was constructed considering existing academic necessities, technology infrastructure and classroom spaces. The increase in the number of students per classroom (26 per classroom, following AdvancED guidelines -since 1983, the international certifications and programs the School has -International Baccalaureate since 1996) and the requirements of the 21st century education encourage the School to meet requirements to continue providing a high quality education.

In the same way, the school’s sports facilities, consisting of one soccer field, four basketball courts, three volleyball courts, one indoor soccer court and 1 athletics track, were created to fulfill sports team demands. These facilities are part of the school education model that promotes a comprehensive physical education, which is indispensable for complementing intellectual, physical and cognitive development of our students. Therefore, the school will also renovate the sports facilities to meet internationally defined education standards.


To strengthen the educational quality offered by the John F. Kennedy School to its students, through renovating the High School building and improving the Sports facilities that will allow us to continue training leaders capable of facing the 21st century challenges.


1. To provide our students with academic facilities that will help us continue training future leaders, who are capable of being accepted by any university in the world.
2. To prepare students, in a multicultural community, with skills and abilities to become part of today's global and competitive societies.
3. To provide our students the essential means that satisfy both academic and infrastructure needs for their intellectual, physical and cognitive development.


We will offer our students and teaching staff:

o Facilities, study rooms and laboratories (sciences, technology, ecology, art, and languages) equipped with state-of-the-art technology o Wide classrooms and laboratories with adequate ventilation, lighting, acoustic standards and shelves to store study material
o Outdoor recreational areas designed to keep harmony with the environment and nature
o Comfortable study areas with integrated modules for different working modalities (reading, research, group work, presentations, etc.)
o Sports areas, with regulatory measures, appropriate signage and floors suitable for training
o Teachers’ rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology and furniture suitable for class preparation

We will offer our administrative staff:

o Working areas equipped with modern technology, with adequate spaces, ventilation and lighting.
o Meeting rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology and furniture suitable for group work.

We will offer the JFK community (students, teachers, administrative staff and parents):

o A new High School infrastructure that meets educational global standards and that is in harmony with the environment
o Sports facilities that fulfils worldwide comprehensive physical education standards



All donations are tax deductible. BANK TRANSFER (SPEI) Escuela John F. Kennedy, A.C. Bank H.S.B.C. Account: 267773072-9 Clabe: 021680026777307299

Contact us: Dr. Margarita del Carmen García Directora Ejecutiva Comité de Recaudación