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The John F. Kennedy School, the American School of Querétaro, is a private non-profit institution offering a bilingual/bicultural education from Pre-school to High School. It is a school with a 50-year history of tradition and innovation in the field of international education.

~ JFK Events ~

JFK Orchestra perform on Wednesday, December 10th,
at Plaza Galerías at 6pm
JFK Orchestra perform on Tuesday, December 9th, at the
Teatro de la Republica at 5pm
JFK Orchestra perform on Thursday, December 11th,
at the JFK Auditorium at 1:45pm
Christmas Concert & Christmas activities
Pre-School, Dec 19th

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Bulletin #57 | December 16th, 2014
English   /   Español

Main Office
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
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Elementary School
Pick it up or donate it
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Social Service
Thank you Volunteers
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Christmas Concert
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High School
Feeling Grateful
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Are you an artist? Are you a photographer, sculptor or a painter?
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