Financial Aid



Dear parents,

Every year the SEP requires the school to offer 5% of our income by scholarships to the families that require support. At JFK the amount offered usually exceeds this 5% as we strive to help and provide support to families who are most needed.
There is a formal procedure that must be followed in order to receive a scholarship and those procedures are attached to this letter.
As a non-profit school, and especially in the hard times we find ourselves, we take our responsibility very seriously to ensure that scholarship funds are provided to those most in need of this support.
It is important to note that the "SEP Scholarships" are funded by the school and not by the SEP. The money offered in the scholarships is the money that all families pay for tuition. Although the school is delighted to provide this service, and even exceeds its obligations, it is important to remember that it is a substantial sum of money that is not available for other purposes at the school.
Therefore, we ask that each family carefully consider their application for a scholarship and analyze their true needs. As a community we must work together to ensure that our money can be distributed to those families who really need support.

For: Parents who wish to renew or apply for the first time to SEP (the Ministry of Public for the School Year 2024 - 2025

In coordination with the Ministry of Public Education, it is necessary for a specialist, independent to the school, to make a socioeconomic study for the assignment of scholarships. Together with the documents that the office will request, this study will allow an adequate allocation of the scholarships, trying to benefit the neediest families. This process is independent of the obligation to deliver all the documentation requested by the SEP on the established dates.

Procedure to request a scholarship to the SEP:

  1. Review the message from the General Director and the Board regarding the circumstances of the Scholarships for the next school year 2024-2025
  2. Once the message has been reviewed, you should make an appointment for the socioeconomic study at the Grupo de Evaluación y Desarrollo Filt S.A. de C.V. office at [email protected] or by calling 4425418023 with Lic. Brenda Amezcua who will inform you about the documentation to be delivered on the day of the study.
  3. The socioeconomic study process is formed of two parts, for this reason, you will receive two calls, the first from an analyst to capture data and the second from a visitor to schedule the home visit, in which you must deliver your report from the bureau of credit, proof of income or annual statement. Additionally, you will have to show the documentation indicated when you scheduled the appointment. During the visit, a photograph of the documentation will be taken, as well as the interior and exterior of your home and one with the candidate and the visitor.
  4. Make the payment of $941.00 pesos directly to the office that carries out the study, if it does not require an invoice, if required it would be the amount plus IVA (vat)$1,091.56 The data for the transfer and/or deposit are the following: Account: 0111385550 Clabe: 012680001113855504 of BBVA Bancomer, under the name of Grupo de Evaluación y Desarrollo Filt S.A. de C.V.
  5. Attend the call when it is issued by the SEP and meet its requirements.

You must follow the steps mentioned, to be considered a scholarship candidate; otherwise, you will be left out of the process, even if you meet the other requirements. The information and documentation provided in the socioeconomic study will be used exclusively for the scholarship process at the JFK School and all the information provided will be confidential and will be protected by the Institution.


The requirements for the socioeconomic study are independent of what is requested by the SEP, and they DO NOT replace the procedure of the socioeconomic studies.


In the case of school personnel, the procedure is carried out through the Administration area; please send your request letter to the email [email protected] and copy to [email protected]


The completion of the socioeconomic study does not grant the scholarship.


Guide for requesting the Complete Special Credit Report from the Credit Bureau:
  • Enter the page
  • In the lower-left part, press the button "get your report".
  • In the central part of the page press "get my report now!".
  • Authorize and accept the query by checking the box and pressing continue, uncheck check my Score since otherwise a charge will be generated later.
  • Fill in the personal data, entering the zip code, a list of colonias (neighborhoods) and the zones will be displayed automatically and select the correct one.
  • Enter credit card information and credit numbers if any.
  • It is recommended that the card number entered be the oldest one and that it does not have a current report of theft and loss.
  • If you had a car loan, you have to enter it, even if it has already been paid in full regardless of how old it is.
  • Enter security code and press continue.
  • Once the information is consulted, the system displays the report number and the button "See My Report" with which the credit bureau report will be displayed.