Methods of Payment

Methods of Payment

Payment receipts for tuition and other fees will be available for online payment or directly at the bank, starting in August of each year, entering with your Sesweb username and password.
The options for making tuition payments and other fees are as follows:

  • Advance annual payment notifying in advance in the month of August to the email [email protected]
  • Advance semi-annual payment, previously notifying in the month of August and January to the email: [email protected]
  • Monthly payments from August to May of each year, the due date is the last business day of each month except December (check date on the receipt).
School accident insurance is mandatory and must be covered in August (this insurance is independent of any other insurance the family has).
The parent association fee expires in September.
Payments for other activities such as: SWAS, sports, extended learning, start in September and they end in June, the expiration date is the 7th of each month (if it is Saturday or Sunday it will go to the next business day.)
If you want to invoice the tuition, you must fill out the form that appears on the website: and send this form to: [email protected] so that you can obtain your monthly statement in SESWEB. (we suggest that payments to be invoiced are made by check or bank wire transfer, so that they do not create a problem with deductibility).

The current forms of payment are the following:

a) Online payment on our website

We have two platforms (Santander and Banorte) to make online payments by entering the school website - in the parents icon - online services -Sesweb payments with your username and password and follow the instructions that will be indicated there.

On the Santander platform you can make payments with a debit or credit card (except American Express)

On the Banorte platform, payments can be made with a CLABE account of any bank or with credit card (except American Express)

If your payment is by credit card, you will have an automatic additional charge on the amount and if it is to through CLABE account will have no cost.

It is important to mention that, although the receipt for the movement says: Approved, it does not mean that your card or bank account has already been charged so please verify the next day if the amount you paid is already deducted from your bank account or statement. This is because sometimes the bank delays the process, or the transaction is not successful.

b) Direct Withdraws: Automatic charge to your checking account, debit, or credit card

To request that your installment payments be automatically charged to any of your bank accounts, please send an email to [email protected] requesting the direct withdraw at the time you require it.

You will be provided with an authorization form for your monthly tuition to be charged, automatically charged to your checking account, debit card or credit card from any bank (except American Express). It is important to mention that the charge will be 3 business days before the date of expiration date indicated by the receipt corresponding to each month.

In this payment option, the bank makes an additional charge for bank commission.
Only payments for tuition and registration may be domiciled.

c) Payment via Internet through the bank's page

If you are an account holder of any of the banks that appear on the receipts, you can make your payment by this via with the agreement number indicated for each bank and the reference corresponding payment to be made that appears on the receipt.
It is important to mention that you will not be able to handle this number as a frequent payment since the reference is different for each month.

d) Direct payment at bank branches (BBVA-BANCOMER, SANTANDER, HSBC, BANORTE)

  • You can make your payments directly at any branch of the mentioned banks.
  • If you are not a BBVA-Bancomer account holder and wish to make your payment at this bank, you must do it before 11:00am, otherwise it will have an additional cost for receipt.
  • BBVA-Bancomer does NOT receive overdue payments at windows or ATMs.

e) Payment by American Express credit card

If you want to make payments by American Express card, we have a virtual terminal, please an email to [email protected] requesting the corresponding payment.

Due to security reasons, cash payments are not received at the school.

Special fees from the banks to our JFK school are (subject to change without notice):
1.74% * for credit cards.
1.39% * for debit cards.
2.30% * for American Express

Interest: The rate is 0.2% daily from the day following the established due date
on the payment receipt.
Bounced checks: They generate a commission for a return of 20% on the value of the check and $ 174.00 * for bank commission.
* These amounts already include the IVA/VAT.